Friday, August 12, 2016

You Need to Know Math for That?

During my most recent baking session with my daughters (making lemon sprinkle cookies... yum!), I had my teacher-mom hat on.  I purposefully gave my oldest daughter a 1/4 cup and asked her to show me how many she needed in order to produce 1 1/2 cups of sugar.

She proceeded to tell me that she was going to get a job that didn't require this type of math.

I immediately had flashbacks of my days in the classroom, as I began my rant about how all jobs require math!

So, I began a list just to show her how many jobs really do require the use of math skills, and wow!  Obviously, all of the jobs are not listed here, but I chose the jobs that most young kids are attracted to in order to make a point with my own child!

Here's my cutesy design showcasing all (okay... a lot of) those careers!


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  5. Thanks for sharing! And so many jobs require you to be flexible in solving problems, math and otherwise. I was struck by your August 12, 2016 post. That type of problem is in one of my Readers Theater scripts on TPT, "The Cupcake Bakers" It shows children thinking creatively and solving problems together in non-routine ways. Ways that might be fun for your daughter and others to explore.


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