Meet April

Hey guys!  My name is April.  I am a wife, mom of two, former teacher, and TpTer!  I was born and raised in Texas even though my accent doesn't say so.  For six long years, I was the teacher who loved making lesson plans and analyzing data, but wanted someone else to do the dirty work (i.e. teach the kids!), so my current job as an educational diagnostician suits me well.  I now get to help teachers make meaningful learning experiences for students with disabilities.  I am not the most eloquent writer, but am going to give this blog thing a shot!

Here are some pictures of my favorite people in the world!

I love this man!  We have been married almost 7 whole years!

We have been blessed with these two little stinkers who we love so much!

Princess Number 1

And Princess Number 2

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!