Saturday, October 24, 2015

Math Activities for the Holidays!

When the holidays roll around, my inner child starts to make an appearance.  And while I can't always completely step away from the math "standards", I want the kids to experience the joys of the holiday season in the classroom without realizing that I'm boring them with math!  Math is much better with some holiday spirit!

So, I decided to share some of my favorite fall activities that your kids will love...
* because they are fun

... and that you will love because 

* they require NO PREP WORK (except that you need crayon, scissors, and glue/tape)
* the kids will do their work with no fussing!
* you can sneak in some math standards without them even realizing it!
* you can decorate your classroom with some of them!

Halloween Math Craftivity

My blogger friend at Cupcakes and Curriculum used this activity in her classroom and shared her pictures with me!  Here's the activity in action!

You can get this product in the link/picture below!

You can find more fall activities (and even winter, if you're that prepared!) at my TpT store!  Here are some of them!

Halloween Math Activities

Thanksgiving Math Activities

And a Thanksgiving Freebie!

Happy fall y'all!