Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Just three years ago, we knew that our second child would be our last.  My husband is a funeral director and I, at the time, was a teacher, and day care is not cheap, y'all!  So, even though we wanted more, we just knew it wasn't in our cards.

We have many friends and family members who have fertility issues or have had miscarriages.  We even know some who have lost a child.  So, we have always felt incredibly blessed that we have two beautiful and healthy children and were satisfied with that.  But, we always said that if we magically tripped over a bag of money one day, we would have just one more.

Well, in 2013, I started my journey into Teachers Pay Teachers hoping that I would make enough money to buy a pair of shoes or a cute shirt each month!  Little did I know that this "side job" would give us the opportunity to add another child to our family!  So........

We are PREGNANT with baby #3!!

My family and I are super thankful for all the wonderful people who follow my store and buy my resources and leave me wonderfully motivating feedback.  I also cannot show enough love for the people at TpT who work so hard to help teachers around the world be successful at the thing they are most passionate about!

And just in case you are curious... this is my current craving.  I'm not a fan of pickles, but holy moly, these are good!