Thursday, April 16, 2015

Did You Say Giveaway??!!

So, two incredible things happened to me lately:

1.  I got matched up with four super talented teacher authors. I am certain that I was put into the wrong group because these girls are way out of my league, but they are stuck with me now because I'm not leaving! :)

2. I hit a follower milestone! 1,000 to be exact! I won't take all your time rambling on about how humbled I am that 1,000 people think my work is good enough to pay attention to, but seriously... you guys make my heart happy!

Because these girls and I have all hit follower milestones recently, we are joining forces to create one HUGE week-long giveaway for the followers who mean so much to us!

So, here's a little teaser!

Follow us all and click HERE to find out how to enter and win!

Teacher Gems

Cupcakes and Curriculum

Meredith Anderson

Brittany Washburn

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